About Us



Our Commitment: Empowerment Through Proficiency

At EPAS, our mission is clear and resolute:

🌟 Fostering Proficiency: We are dedicated to enriching learners’ English language proficiency across all domains, with a particular emphasis on honing their speaking and writing competencies.

📚 Specialized Guidance: We provide tailored guidance to empower learners in conquering standardized tests, including TOEFL/IELTS Speaking & Writing, SAT/GRE Writing Tests, and beyond.

🚀 Cultivating Success: Our goal is to equip learners with the tools they need to achieve exceptional accomplishments in both academic and professional spheres.

Our Services: Empowerment in Action

At EPAS, our comprehensive range of services include:

🗣️ Diverse English Courses: From English pronunciation to Academic Writing, TOEFL/IELTS Speaking & Writing to Business and Technical Writing, we offer a rich selection of online English courses.

📝 Personalized Writing Tutoring: Our one-on-one writing tutoring services are designed to elevate individuals’ writing skills and boost their confidence.

🎓 Self-Regulated Learning: Our online English programs are carefully crafted with a self-regulated learning approach, fostering lifelong learning. Discover them on www.epasspeaking.com and www.hoctottienganh.vn.

📱 E-Speaking App: Our innovative “E-Speaking” app empowers learners to practice their English speaking skills anytime, anywhere.

Get in Touch: Your Journey Awaits

For further information or to connect with us, please feel free to utilize the “Contact Us” form provided or send an email to anhnguepas@gmail.com.

Thank you for entrusting us with your journey towards English excellence.

Warm regards,

Lan T. Vu, Ph.D.

EPAS Director